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the hunting of the snark

Thursday, December 28, 2006

5:07PM - Back from Europe!

The jetlag is horrible, my cold is yucky and Melbourne's wintry weather isn't exactly what I was expecting, but Europe was worth it. It was very green, very, very cold and the shower pressure was awesome.


Memorable experiences:

In London I saw two musicals: Phantom of the Opera and Spamalot. They made my trip. Seriously, Phantom was absolutely wonderful, and Spamalot was the funniest thing I have ever seen- and had Tim Curry as King Arthur, which was quite exciting.

While we were in Scotland a (very attractive) shopkeeper recited a poem for us in his incredible accent.

"Wee sleekit, cow'rin' timorous beastie,
O, what a panic's in thy breastie!
Thou need na start awa sae hasty, wi bickering brattle!
I had be laith to rin an chase thee, wi murdering pattle!"

I didn't understand it, but it sounded good.

In France we encountered a rally of around 500 osteopaths. They ran past us and formed a circle beneath the Eiffel Tower, ignoring the heavily armed police surrounding the tower, something which I found a little harder to do.

Germany was the land of chocolate. We were only there for two days. I still feel sick thinking about chocolate. Help!


Some pictures:




Another 'funny' experience happened to me today, when mum took me to the doctor for some antibiotics. We went into the room of this doctor, and mum goes and puts a pamphlet for BIRD FLU on the desk. Great. She'd picked it up from the airport or something. Funnily enough, the doctor dismissed it quite quickly. I don't want to start an 'Outbreak'-esque epidemic!

I blame the aeroplane food.

Current mood: My ears are blocked...

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

11:20AM - Les Vacances

Actually, I did some French this morning. I watched Le Journal on SBS, and watched as they discussed une petite sirenne (a little mermaid), a small girl whose legs were joined together at birth. I think I've seen the same story in english a few months ago. How exciting.

I have a practise maths exam in an hour- an actual practise maths exam at school, not just one of the ones I've been torturing myself with at home. I've done 18, all with varying scores. For example, a list of the scores I've gotten in the last few days:

Saturday: 62%
Sunday: 100%
Monday: 95%
Tuesday: 73%

Quite confusing, but I hope that when I actually get to an exam I'll do a good one rather than a bad one.

Not much has happened these holidays... it's actually been quite good. I've been slowly getting over all the irritation and stress of term 3- trying to forgive and forget a little. We'll have to see how long it actually lasts, but I try. I've also been doing heaps of flute practise; I want to sound good at the recital!

I saw Kenny at the cinema on a date with my mum- it's the only movie I've seen in months. It was good, really interesting to see such a funny but realistic portrayal of an Aussie bloke- and there were trams too! It's good to see trams in movies. If I ever made a movie, I'd set it on a tram, like in Speed on the bus. Maybe they can make Speed 3 (or 4, wherever the hell the up to) on a tram. They must be desperate for a new storyline by now. And tram drivers can be pretty insane.

Hope everyone's enjoying the break!

Current mood: Can't wait for Europe

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Hee. This is a funny one:

take the WHAT BAD BOOK ARE YOU test.

and go to mewing.net. not as good as reading a good book, but way better than a bad one.

This one's quite clever too.

Critics would give my life a B-!

Wow, you're a busy bee, aren't you? You've had your share of excitement in life, what with the occasional car chase and maybe a time bomb or two. Or maybe you're the cornerstone of a dozen love triangles, you dog you. And one things for sure, you've avoided sports-playing animals like the plague, and for that I must commend you. As always, there's room for even more excitement in your life. Try adding a few more movie cliches to your daily routine. Introduce yourself with your last name first. Think deeply while riding on the subway, just in time for a wise old woman to tell you the exact thing you need to hear at the exact moment. And don't forget to break out into song at the slightest provocation; that'll impress the critics greatly.

What rating would movie critics give your life?

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

Current mood: House is on!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

4:21PM - Reviews

Time for some movie reviews! Yay! C'mon, clap like you mean it, people!

She's the Man:
Okay, so yesterday I was dragged unwillingly along with friends to see this movie, which I was certain was going to be terrible, corny and teen-y. I was mostly right, it turns out, but I actually broke several ribs from laughter during the movie thanks to Amanda Byrnes' absolute lack of modesty, so that was definitely a plus. Sure, the movie was terribly corny and slightly cringe-worthy in many places (as well as being one giant cliche) but it was good to see a cross-dressing film where a girl dresses up as a guy rather than the opposite. And Amanda Byrnes was funny. A quote:
Viola: [as Sebastian] "I can do this! I am a dude! I am a hunky dude! I'm a badass hunky dude!"
I give it ***

V for Vendetta:
Well, for once I dragged all of my friends to see this movie out of my own curiousity, partly for seeing for myself the comparisons between Phantom of the Opera and V, and partly because Natalie Portman is in it, and I like Natalie Portman. This movie did not disappoint. It was magnificent, a really engrossing intellectual film (which was a nice change.)
I give it ****

Sorority Boys:
Under no circumstances in Hell should you ever, EVER watch this terrible, awful, atrocious excuse for a movie. Eurgh.
I give it NOTHING. NOTHING but my complete disdain.

In other news, I saw Dylan Moran at the Melbourne Comedy Festival on Friday (and it was a very Good Friday). That was an awesome experience, and so was swimming home from the movies. Thank god I live on a hill.

Hope you had a happy easter, now go and watch Fairly Odd Parents like I know you want to.

Current mood: So much chocolate!

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

12:46PM - Formal

Eee! I had my formal last night! It was actually really fun, and so not as awkward as I thought it would be. I even danced crazily to songs like Dancing Queen and I'm Too Sexy. Lol. And I'm glad I asked Cameron. We had fun. Crazy dancing was abundant, and not just from Mr Barnett and Mrs Casey. *shudder* He even gave me a corsage, and made me accept fifty bucks for his ticket. Too good, hey?

We had this crazy photographer who liked to yell at us and shove us into hideously uncomfortable positions, and made us say "whisky" before taking the shot. It was kind of strange. She wasn't too bad though. The yr 12s had told us how freaky and insane she was beforehand.

I wore this green, mid-calf length dress, with beaded detail around the bust and on ribbon hanging from the waist line. I got my hair done at the hair dressers (it cost $80 and took two hours, but it was worth it.) I did my makeup myself, and was very proud.

When Cameron arrived at my house, I was upstairs putting my makeup on, STILL IN MY SCHOOL DRESS and my friend called, and it was so stressful. Thank god for my sister who got me into my dress and heels. And I don't think it was THAT obvious that my blush was strangely lopsided. :)

Instead of going to the afterparty, being the awesome, cool people that we are, some friends and our dates and I went to the pancake parlour via a tram in our formal clothes. It was so much fun. People stared, and some sleazy guys whistled and made straaange comments. It was raining, and all us girls were like, "Oh god, the hair!"

I can't wait to get the photos!

Current mood: ABBA impending...

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

9:44PM - A Prayer, from Cub Scouts

A Prayer:

Dear God,
Thank you for frends and famely, and for Mortein, because flies are annoying.

Dear God,
Help me and comfort me when I work.

Dear God,
Bless us God
As I will not hunt people
Care for friends
Help us

Current mood: I knew there's a reason I went


Thursday, February 9, 2006

7:52PM - A thought

My back is really really achy. I prescribe myself one term off from school. Wait, that's hardly worth it, term only goes for like 3 weeks. Yay commonwealth games! You can take up my public transport any day!

Of course, then we have term two, which will probably suck even more than this term, because of exams and stuff. I can't think of a single happy, optimistic thing that might happen in term 2. Unless I finally decide to drop out of school and become a full-time busker/hobo, living on the streets, mocking all those who stay in school and work. But let's face it, I could never be a busker. Now, a garbage man, however...

On second thoughts, you have to get approximately 95.3 to get into garbage mannery at melbourne uni, so there that option goes.

I think I'll just marry rich.

By the way, if you are a rich man reading this blog... it's kinda freaky, coz I don't know any rich men who'd read my blog.... So if you're a rich man reading my blog, go away pervert. Come back in a few years.

Does anyone have a life at the moment? Cause if you do, I'm jealous.

Current mood: must watch Lost!

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

1:34PM - My bath.... and school

Well, I just had a bath. I dunno, I remember them being really relaxing and bubbly. I poured in like two different containers of bubble bath and got nothing. Absolutely nothing. (Then, to sweeten the deal, I chucked in a whole lot of bath crystals- I now smell of the body shop.)

I don't know; my head was all cramped up on the hard, cold side of the bath, my toes were pressed against the tap- why don't we have a giant spa, I ask you, why???

Well, probably won't have another one of those for a few years.

I just had tennis, which was good. I won my singles match against this tiny tiny girl who was probably under the age of ten, which made me feel kinda bad, but also extremely glad that I won. She was actually really good.

I started school two days ago, and am already completely swamped with massive, massive amounts of homework. At least I know who all my teachers are now (which is good, and also not so good.) And I have a good subject! French. I'm enjoying it. The fact that the class contains the one guy out of all of my classes has nothing to do with it. Really. It doesn't. But Heather and Vee are fun...

Can I just ask, what on earth is the point of me having to 'simplify' an equation such as [(x+y)/(2-x)] X [(2x+4)/3] ???????
Am I going to walk into a supermarket when I'm 30 and be faced with that sort of problem? At least Mr Boyle thinks it's exciting.

English was mollifying. We analysed the subject of my beautiful icon, and I had fun, miming the verses along with Mr Zav to a distraught and annoyed Kelly. Hee hee. I forgot how much I love the poem...

Ooooh, Millie, I'm reading the book group book (The Eyre Affair) and it's very... well, original, and interesting. Not entirely sure if I like the main character or not. In fact, I tried reading it in the bath and dropped the bookmark in and it was all horrible... but it smells nice. Like the body shop.

Current mood: Aaaaaahhhh, weekend!

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Monday, January 16, 2006


So, before I depart this happy happy place with a computer linked to the net, I'd just like to say MISS ME PEOPLE, or I will be very upset. :) Now, going to Inverloch for two weeks isn't the end of the world (I'm sure) but it means that I will be removed and friendless for quite a time, except for any hot hot inverloch guys who might be attracted to my wit and charm.

(Wait, did I just use the words "hot" and "hot" to describe inverloch guys? Maybe I do need a holiday.)

Anyhoo, make sure you email me and tell me things that are happening. Even if I can't really read them, I'll sense that you've sent them, and be happy.

HAYLEY- I meant to ring you last night, but got caught up in a layer of tiredness. Sorry, but will ring you when I get back! Until then, be happy and safe!


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Monday, January 9, 2006

8:50PM - Snovym Godom

I just ate pizza and I'm full.

Is this the end of my entertaining blog anecdotes? Of course not! I've just been super-busy with friends in Rye (super-busy my arse, what am I talking about, it was the most relaxing, good, other synonyms, catch-uppy week I've had in ages!)

Oh, btw, thanks Hayley, it seriously was incredibly good. Sure, I didn't tan, but the red rash on my chest that I somehow caught from your father could be mistaken as proof of sun exposure. I'm pretty proud of myself though- I didn't get an ounce of sun burn on my pale, pale skin. Well, pale with exception to the rash.

Movie update: the full monty is really not that good. Don't build up your hopes. *However* the phantom of the opera definitely is. Watch it now. I love love love it.

*sigh* Gerard, you can be my phantom anyday...

The title of this blog means, of course, happy new year in russian, which I have used in the absense of a phrase meaning merry christmas. I got a... wait for it... LION KING TICKET!!!!!! for russian christmas, along with some other stuff, but mainly this ticket, and I am ever so happy and proud.

Ruyton girls, be sure to actually read Girl With a Pearl Earring, coz it's actually good, and the first fifty or so pages of the introduction in Hamlet aren't too incredibly mind numbing (if you're Mrs Taylor- which I supremely hope you're not.)

Gotta go prepare for our russian tennis champion who is coming tomorrow, and will play in the australian open, oh my GOD.

Current mood: itchy bites... grrr...

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Friday, December 30, 2005


Merry Christmas everyone, and enjoy the second last day of the year! I've already walked the dog and made pancakes this morning, and it's only 9:07 am, so I feel good and accomplished, and like I can waste some time doing this now! :)

I haven't been on for a while, but I'm not entirely sure for how long, so I'll briefly summarise the last month:

-broke up from school
-was insanely happy and filled with joy
-ignored all homework
-got my brother's VCE results: he got 99!!!!! Amazing. Damn him. He's not happy coz it's not enough to get him into arts/law at Melbourne Uni on HECs.
-saw Harry Potter 4 with Shin, Nicole and Kelly (we didn't plan this, we just turned up randomly in pairs)
-saw King Kong with Heather, Max, Sam, Charlotte, Jo and Jen
-saw Narnia with Millie, Catherine, Gen and Cathy
-had a goth make-over day with the assistance of the lovely Alex and the wonderful Heather
-watched a HELL of a lot of Buffy, as I have become insanely in love with Spike. He is so gorgeous... and shin-shin gave me a Spike calender.... *drool* 365 days of Spike...
-got a Paris Hilton diary, in which I am currently recording every detail of my hot new heiress life... lol.
-celebrated the *first* Christmas, from which I got an iPod nano (yes yes yes yes!!!)
-went to the cricket on the third day of the boxing day test match (between Australia and South Africa- and I went on the day Australia did really well! Go me!)
-am now waiting to PARTY tomorrow night.

Hope that was enough to keep you going on my life. :)

Talk to me!

Current mood: bowl your maiden over... hee

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

9:41PM - To do:

After exams I will:

§ Go see a movie with Lucy and Jo
§ Join some sort of class thing with shin-shin
§ Have a sleepover (girly girly girly) with shin-shin
§ See Harry Potter
§ Go to Nicole’s birthday party
§ Go to Kelly’s birthday party
§ Invite Kelly and Jo and Alex and heather over to swim
§ Tidy out my wardrobe
§ Go shopping with Vee, Mel and Vee’s little sister
§ Go shopping with Shin-Shin
§ Go to dark zone with heather, will and cam
§ Tone my body
§ No, wait, first lose ten kilos
§ Buy a miniskirt
§ Find a boyfriend
§ Ask him to the formal
§ Buy a formal dress
§ See Hayley
§ Meet Shin-Shin’s friends
§ Have a sleepover makeover night with Alex

Current mood: three exams gone....

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

5:52PM - Weekend!

Nothing has really happened lately, except that I went to Millie's house and "studied", and while "studying", watched three hilARious chick flicks. While drinking way too much smoothie mixed with something unmentionable. And undrinkable. Eurgh.

I did learn two thirds of my french oral though (THANK YOU MILLIE) and did some maths, but, hey, I can't help it if Millie's supremely unbelievable piano skills distracted me (along with her dancing.)

We went to Trinity Fair for about two minutes (it was THAT CRAP) and had to beat off all those boys with a stick. Surprisingly we didn't see anyone we knew. Except Renata. But she's not supposed to know that we went to the fair. Oops.

I am tired, and there is a simple explanation for this: thanks to Millie's affectionate cat walking all over my face constantly while PURRING, and then (once I'd chucked her out of the room) YOWLING, I got like no sleep.

Stupid cats! They look so adorable... dammit.


Current mood: I'm so not over it


Sunday, November 6, 2005


I'm feeling slightly depressed. No, make that really quite depressed. And it's not bekause I fear my arms will nefer be the same again after that aggressife rokklimbing, or bekause my "see", "fee", "sed", and "eks" keys don't work, but bekause I don't think H.. dammit, let's kall him "HK" for now (and no, not you Hayley)... anyway, I don't think he likes me at all in that way, or efer will.

We're really good friends now (and that kinda makes it harder in a way), and I'm pretty definite he'd muksh rather go with [girl who knows Tearlak is gay, lol] bekause they share so many more interests. Why would he efer like me? I'm more like a blonde than prefiously-mentioned-girl. I haf no sense of fashion, my laugh is ANNOYING, I haf huge "lofe handles" (more like "HATE handles", dammit) and I'm just not that interesting.


Maybe I should just go and tear off his head, and then stuff his body, get Hayden, stuff his body (after the killing, duh) and glue them together.

Hey.... sounds hot. :)

Oh no, I'm bekoming murderous! Again!

Current mood: WE HATE BOYS klub.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

11:41PM - STIs!!!!!

Now that I have your attention....

No, seriously, more than two thirds of our year level left school early today because they were infected with scabies (or just pretended they were *ahem* kelly-and-heather*ahem*). Is it just me or is there something slightly wrong with this situation: A whole lot of year ten GIRLS from an all GIRLS school come back to Melbourne and find that they all have STIs.

Well, just to reasure everyone out there, I DO NOT have scabies, I just don't spend enough time rubbing my arm (and/or chest- ALEX) against people enough to contract tiny fle-like things or whatever the hell spreads scabies.

All I can do now is warn people not to have sex with girls from year ten at Ruyton Girls School for a while.... hard as it may be.

Like anyone's listening anyway. :)

*is that an itch?*

Current mood: No scabies for me!



Well, I don't know whether it's the... well, not much.... talking, but I think I might actually pass my piano exam on Friday, a ray of optimism scarcely present in my line of sight. I think I sounds quite okay, actually, never mind what my piano teacher says, and besides, Michael says he'll give me a dollar if I get an A!!! Yeah! Worth it. :)


I got back from camp yesterday, and it was good, and bad, and tiring and everything else, but very red. My shoes are still red. I'm still very tired, as demonstrated by me in my piano lesson (argh), but awake enough to watch A Knight's Tale very soon.

The best thing about camp was seeing Uluru and the Olgas, I reckon. The weirdest part was seeing Brendon (our bus driver) cry. The worst thing was either the heat or the rain. Yes, THE RAIN. The funniest thing was dressing up with numerous layers of underwear on and posing, though that's also the most cringe-worthy part of camp. The most annoying part of camp was hanging around with the same people for eleven days straight, I reckon. :) Or maybe having to set up camp next to the road, even though everyone KNEW it would rain, and then packing up when it did rain and then driving to another campsite and setting up again.

I wrote down a few websites from Cosmo that are apparently good to go to. They are:

www.popbitch.com and www.gofugyourself.com

I haven't been to them yet, so it's not my fault if they're weird and/or crappy.

Current mood: I'm happy, I'm feeling glad...


Friday, October 7, 2005

4:31PM - Events.

Chocolate.... so good.... I love Kylie but don't know any other words....

Lol. I have such a good memory. And taste in music.

Well, I'm slightly sad coz after school Alex snapped at me, and then did my hair funny, and then got off the tram with Heather and left me with my sister and Shin-Shin. What a tough life.

Oh, Hayley, Emma Parsons wrote to me last night, like a full on letter, which is really quite cool, and in short, can you organise a greythorn reunion? :) We have to find someone!

Talk to me more about HC. Mmmmm..... HC..... chocolate.... what am I on?

Current mood: HC, EP- hey, emma is EP!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

4:31PM - Old men and lies

Yesterday is a WEB OF LIES.

Yesterday I DID NOT
-discover that I am in mortal peril from the dreaded tickling ivory
-eat a third of a family pack of biscuits
-use my incredibly good looks, humour and charm to weasel my way out of 40 cents
-plan a hen's party.... *no planning here guys, it's too secret ;)*
-find out that Britney's baby's name is Sean Preston
-even REMOTELY suggest that Daniel Radcliffe would stoop so low as to appear at a certain family restaurant in Hawthorn for his birthday party (though if he ever plans to do this, I wouldn't mind an invite, huh? Huh?

GOOD LORD. Today however, and this is the truth, I was walking towards my tram stop after school with Jen, Kelly and Alex, and my sister, though she's not important :) and some COMPLETELY RANDOM OLD MAN STRANGER came up to ME and stuck a police sticker on my shoulder, stating in a rather mumbled tone that I "look like a goody-two-shoes, here, have this."


Current mood: what the...?


Friday, September 30, 2005

3:58PM - I'm back!!

I got back from France last night, arriving at the airport at about 7 pm. We had to go through customs and stuff, but that was okay, I didn't get stopped, some hot customs guy just asked me very nicely what I had, and I told him, and he directed me to the exit. Which was convenient.

The flight was pretty blah... I spent most of the time either trying to sleep or giving up and watching movies. And Friends! I love Friends. I couldn't sleep at all on either of the flights (though the food was good) so ended up not sleeping for about 30 hours.

This is my explanation for why I slept for 15 hours last night. :) Ah, it was good. Only problem is, I probably won't be able to go to sleep tonight.

I AM SO JETLAGGED. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE. One moment, I'm perfectly awake and kind of hyper, and the next I feel so tired it's absolutely horrible. And I have this constant buzzing sensation in my brain, which might not be a good thing. I think it's my brain burning up, coz my english seems much worse since I learnt all that French.

Oh yeah, that's kind of how France was: a whole lot of French. I've learnt so much, it's pretty cool. My brother said that ever since he went, he has learnt absolutely nothing new, which may or may not be a good thing. He also said the trip raised his VCE score for french by about ten points, so that's pretty good. There's no way I can give up French now; I'm gonna have to do both languages for VCE. Damn it.

I'll tell everyone about the details of my trip eventually... I kept a journal thing of every day I was away, so I have a reference, don't worry.

I can't wait to catch up with all of you! And I hope your holidays were ood too.

Current mood: woooh.... buzzing....

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Thursday, September 8, 2005



Me and mum have been packing for AGES now and I decided to have a break while mum cooks dinner, so here I am. Everyone has to EMAIL me while I'm away, okay? I can access my email from my host family, so email me and I can tell you what's been going on, and you can do the same, and add how much you've missed me, and how envious you are.

I'm excited. :)

Hayley, you must especially email me. I know you're reading this, so no excuses! Millie, if you still come here, same applies to YOU.

I'll miss you guys!

Bon voyage! (wait, why am I saying this? I'm the one going. Oh well.)

Current mood: See you in 3 weeks!

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